Reflections of Monterey - Cars

Alfa Exhaust Alfa Romeo Pedals Aston Dash Aston Martin
Bentley Rad Cap Bentley Detail Blue Swirl Bugatti Tipo Gas Cap
Delahaye Duesenberg Ferrari Cockpit Ferrari Door
Glimpse of Lotus XI Maserati Bird Cage Open Plug Packard Twelve
Sky Cap Stop Talbot Lagos Twin Bugatti Caps

"Reflections of Monterey" is a commissioned installation of twenty paintings depicting classic automobile images from the races at Laguna Seca and the Concours d'Elegance in Monterey, California.

Each painting measures 11" x 14" with the overall dimensions of the installation 44" x 88". The pieces are attached to the wall with velcro to permit rearrangements by the client.

This painting installation represents themes in my work that have been present for some time. These include popular culture, the urban landscape, and the cult of the highway as seen in automobiles and motorcycles. The painting style is hyper-real, oil on canvas, with an emphasis on reflections, bright color, and "eye candy."

Many possible commissions are available using the grid layout and small canvas format. An event, an automobile line, a collection or a single vehicle could be easily represented in this multi image manner.

Filippo Marinetti: Futurist Manifesto, 1909

"We declare that the world has been enriched by a new beauty, the beauty of speed, the roaring engine that seems to run on shrapnel."